Who is Buying You Flowers This Month?

The month of February is celebrated for many reasons, but one of the most popular, is it is considered the month of love. Lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners, red roses, chocolates, champagne, and notes of professed love and affection. Many relationships have ended because someone in the relationship, usually the guy, didn’t shower his partner with adequate attention and affection on that given day. Dramatic, I know, but honestly this happens every year!

This month, don’t you think we can change it up a bit?

If I may, I would like to take a page out of the Book of Miley Cyrus. Please refer to 1st Emancipation, chapter 24 verse 7 and read;

I can buy myself flowers
Write my name in the sand
Talk to myself for hours
Say things you don’t understand
I can take myself dancing
And I can hold my own hand
Yeah, I can love me better than you can

Now, I’m not saying you have to leave your beloved or start talking to yourself. Nope! Here is why the book of Emancipation is so empowering, liberating, and uplifting. Thank you, Miley! The beauty is in the strength of its lyrics and its simple truth. You don’t have to suffer a nasty breakup, bitter divorce, or contentious uncoupling to start doing one simple thing — loving yourself. This simple concept appears as clear as muddy water in our twenties, but it’s opaque quality dissipates with time as the years unveil how much time we wasted on freely pouring love onto others barely leaving a nurturing drop for ourselves. We desperately seek a love to satiate a bottomless well of want, desire, and longing to fulfill the myths and dreams of fairytales of our youth. Why? Duh! Because of years of gaslighting us to think we needed our prince. We were taught the prince always came to save the princess. Poor princess! She needed to be awoken from an endless sleep, reclaimed from her captors, or taken back from evil powers that keep her locked in a tower. We…yes…we, were waiting, wanting, yearning to be saved! We waited and waited and waited…checks clock…and waited…checks watch…and waited. Ohhhhh, the wait…the torment!! Where. Is. he?

What were we doing while we were waiting?

Who exactly were we waiting for?

While some women are holding their breath, still waiting, there are others that have learned to exhale…and live! Does this mean they don’t want to love and be loved? If they are not already in a relationship, I would think that most would like to be coupled in a loving relationship where they feel adored, seen, heard, and appreciated. But, don’t think that means they don’t know how to buy themselves flowers. It has been said that you cannot truly love someone if you don’t love yourself. Loving and appreciating your authentic self is the best gift you can ever give AND receive.

This February, and every month that follows it, make it a practice to show yourself the love you always wanted and never received. Give yourself the love that you have always deserved and didn’t feel comfortable giving because of limiting beliefs about yourself.

Show yourself unapologetic self-love that will nurture your soul, uplift your spirit, and fill your heart with joy. Stop waiting! Your time has come to buy yourself flowers.



Helping Women Stop Self Sabotaging to Glow Up and Thrive. Certified Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mompreneur, Traveling Enthusiast, @realfearlessher

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Adrian Quintina

Helping Women Stop Self Sabotaging to Glow Up and Thrive. Certified Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mompreneur, Traveling Enthusiast, @realfearlessher