PositivWhat are the Alternative Possibilities for You?

Adrian Quintina
2 min readDec 5, 2022

Are you a glass half full kind of person?

If so, why do you always look at the positive side of things? Did you know as a positive thinker, you have the ability to believe in alternative possibilities and make them a reality? Also, you tend to be a more creative thinker when faced with everyday setbacks. By believing that the solution may not be obvious, positive thinkers, like yourself, are more prone to draw their ideas from unusual sources.

Positive thinkers also express more creative thinking throughout everyday life. Self-proclaimed positive thinkers are responsible for a large amount of the inventions, discoveries and innovations that we enjoy today.

Since positive thinking promotes more creative thinking, it also promotes better problem-solving skills. When faced with a particularly stubborn situation you not only use your critical thinking skills to envision an increased number of solutions, but they also use your belief in the affirmative to continue on until you have found a resolution.

People who are faced with problems or failure are usually too quick to give up. However, by using positive thinking problem solving skills you can tackle problems head-on and seek out desirable outcomes.

Through the previous benefits, positive thinkers are awarded a boost of confidence. By utilizing the skills of positive thinking, you will begin to experience an increased belief in yourself and your abilities. After experiencing success after success with positive thinking, your brain will become trained to see each situation as a simple challenge instead of as a barrier that blocks your success.

As you continue to develop your positive thinking skills, this new belief in yourself will lead to greater focus and determination. By simply believing that you will find a suitable solution you will gain the motivation necessary to stay on task until that desirable outcome is achieved. Plus, a can-do attitude will help center your concentration enabling you to stay focused on the positive aspects of the situation until the problem is resolved. Remember, the glass half full is half full, and you might be halfway or very close to reaching your goals and enjoying success!



Adrian Quintina

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