Use Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

I was raised by a highly critical mother that scruntized everything that I did to nitpick for flaws or mistakes. The pressure of always being under the microscope coupled by the constant criticism took a heavy toll on me. I didn’t feel like anything I did would be right, so I never gave my best, but I always felt the need to be perfect. It was a no-win situation.

I needed to adopt the mindset of not being afraid of making mistakes and holding myself back because I didn’t want to a mistake. It’s true that avoiding mistakes is understandable and even encouraged, most reasonable people know that mistakes do happen from time to time- they are unavoidable, but they can help you to grow and become better if you learn to identify what the mistake was, how and why it occurred, and how you can take actions to prevent the mistake from occurring again. Rather than focusing on the mistake, I learned to refocus my attention on the lesson to be gained from the experience.

Additionally, I realized that I could overcome most mistakes because they aren’t that serious to where they will do any serious harm that can be overcome. Many people dread making any mistakes because they think they will do irreparable damage to their reputations. Then it became clear to me that learning to improve myself by experiencing mistakes actually benefited me in the long run, plus it helped me to grow as an individual and achieve the things I wanted to achieve. It helped me to become the best parent, sister, friend I could possibly be and make the greatest impact on the world, plus enable me to achieve all of the accomplishments I want to achieve in my life.

You need to see making mistakes as a learning experience, one where you are not afraid to make a mistake. Recall that making the same type of mistake over and over again is frowned upon, so you need to learn why you made a specific type of mistake the first time and do all you can to avoid it in the future, but making a specific type of mistake the first time should be seen as a learning experience that helps you to grow as an individual and to boost your skill set and your self-confidence in your own abilities.

In fact, making mistakes and rebounding from them is a good way to test your character, grow your skills, and strengthen you in terms of being able to bounce back from something that doesn’t go as planned. Life is often full of these moments; the best way to handle these situations and to fulfill your greatest potential is being able to bounce back from life’s challenges as quickly as possible and getting back on the path the achieving your inner greatness as soon as possible. I’m deeply grateful that I learned an important lesson abut the value of making and owning our mistakes. Experiencing mistakes and growing from them is a key way to helping us to develop skill sets to bounce back from life’s challenges better and wiser.

I hope you are willing to consider trying new tasks/activities, not fearing making mistakes, and most importantly, learning from your successes and your failures, to live authentically and live your best life.



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Adrian Quintina

Adrian Quintina


Helping Women Stop Self Sabotaging to Glow Up and Thrive. Certified Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mompreneur, Traveling Enthusiast, @realfearlessher