Successful Mindset Conditioning

Adrian Quintina
3 min readNov 26, 2021

I have a secret! Did you know the reality that we live in has restricted us from expanding beyond our limits.

That’s right!

Our beliefs or mindset that reality has imposed so many obstacles on us must be changed.

First, we need to understand that we are able to exceed our limits while we improve ourselves in the pursuit of our goals or before we start to pursue them.

Then, we will be able to conquer our self-limiting beliefs and defeat any obstacles in our lives.

Words Do Have Impact on Our Lives

We could start by changing the words we use in our daily conversations or discussions and writing. By exchanging certain words or reconstructing our sentences, we can definitely change the perception on our lives.

Instead of saying to ourselves, “I can do it”, we should encourage ourselves to think that “I will do it.” This compels us to start accomplishing the task we wanted to instead of just focusing on our abilities and underestimating the task at hand.

Talking to Your Own Mind

The ability to understand, accept and take actions is really not as simple to every one person as this sentence might suggest. The mind cannot always judge what is best for the person himself. Therefore, we should improve our awareness of new information, skills, knowledge and any sensation that could enhance our lives.

Since our awareness is the gateway to our understanding, acceptance and actions, we should always improve it by reviewing our knowledge and perception or study and research on that particular piece of new information. This constantly promotes the awareness of how we think of particular ideas in life and we can change the constructive habits of our thinking.

Associating Pain to Our Beliefs

Challenging and then breaking old beliefs can inflict certain discomfort or even pain to ourselves but we should keep ourselves mentally healthy by understanding our emotions and our reactions to changes. Anticipating such reactions will ease our adaptation to the differences in our lives.

In another situation, changing our mindset will also mean moving ourselves out of the comfort zone. Moving out of the comfort zone equals to inevitable obstacles for us to overcome and nurture ourselves towards becoming our better selves.

Shaping and Empowering our New Beliefs

Once we have established the awareness of the way we think and the change we need, we need to justify our beliefs with constant results and if the results are positive outcomes, our change will be successful and our new beliefs will be further strengthened.

Self-doubts, worries, anxieties and fears are constant emotions we cannot avoid in our ways to change whereas only the outcomes of our efforts can defeat such emotions. Otherwise, we must recover from setbacks to establish another new change which will propel us towards another success.

Conditioning until Success Becomes Second Nature

Change is inevitable. But why change when you are already successful enough? More often than not, we can view success in multiple angles of perspectives. If you’re in an excellent financial condition, then you can start focusing on other aspects in your life.

While it is true that nobody can be as successful in every aspect, it remains a challenge to have a balanced and successful life with our family, friends, business, the society and future generations.

So why stop when you can be successful in more than one aspect in our lives? Go for it fearlessly and build an amazing life for yourself!



Adrian Quintina

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