Overcome Self-Doubt When Presenting Your Ideas to Peers

Adrian Quintina
3 min readMay 2, 2022

As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s actually the norm for many people to doubt themselves. So if you have feelings of self-doubt, you’re in good company!

Doubting yourself creates a host of unfavorable scenarios and prevents you from living up to your full potential. It holds you back.

Many opportunities pass you by because you feel like you’re lacking in some way.

Self-doubt is especially prevalent in the presence of peers. It’s easy for others on your level academically or professionally to challenge your self-belief — just by being there! You might feel like they’re ahead, even though you’re on the same level. It’s important to realize that you’re just as deserving as anybody else.

Keeping these concepts in mind will help you feel confident in the presence of peers:

1. You did the work. Take a moment and remind yourself about how much work you’ve done and how much effort it has taken to get to where you are.* Whether it’s getting through school or putting in years as a junior staff member, you’ve done it yourself. You’ve worked your way to the top. Think back to all the obstacles you had to overcome to reach where you are today.* It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. And that’s why you’re worth every success that comes your way! Avoid shortchanging the work you put in.

2. You’ve been validated. The people at the top have validated you. They’ve told you that the work you put in qualifies you for your current status. Why are you questioning that?* If you have a college degree, then the experts in your area of study have confirmed that you’re knowledgeable in your field. Your degree shows that you’re good at what you do, and you can walk through life with confidence.* Perhaps you received a promotion at work. Your boss acknowledged the quality of your work and rewarded you. Embrace the opportunity!

3. Your track record speaks for itself. Look back and assess the path you’ve taken and the successes you’ve had along the way. You probably have an impressive track record. Now if only you could see it!* Consider how many people after you may benefit from your achievements. That’s nothing to take lightly! You’re a game-changer, even if you don’t realize it.

4. You’re deserving of goodness. That spotlight is just as much yours as it is anybody else’s. We’re all created equal from the perspective of human existence. So embrace all the good things that are yours.

* Use some of the time you spend praising others to praise yourself.

* Avoid feeling guilty about speaking up for yourself. Your voice ought to be heard. You’re validated by your experience, expertise, and education.

Have self-confidence and shine.

Today’s the day. Open your window and toss self-doubt out of your life. You’ll realize how quickly new opportunities present themselves when you make room for them. Take control and show your peers that you’re just as worthy as they are!

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