Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

Adrian Quintina
3 min readFeb 13, 2023


Have you found Mr. Right? Is this your first Valentine’s Day with a possible new love? If you are like me, and dipped back into the dating pool, you are learning how to navigate in new terrain. It can be terrifying, but also exhilarating in this new and exciting chapter of your life. But, how does a fabulous woman like you know if she is succeeding on the turf of dating or if she is mainly risking her safety?

Here are ways to know whether you Ms. Lovely are making the most out of your adventurous and exciting dating life without making your safety and nerves suffer. Ok, my friend, here are a few things I suggest:

Listen to your heart

If intuition tells one that she is not striking a string with a certain main, she should follow her gut feel and dump the guy, gently that is. Dating is not about jumping on every person that shows interest. Settling for something less is not that good of an option and you deserve better.

Trust yourself

This significant piece of advice aligns with the ‘trust your gut’ advice. If the man seems too good to be true, chances are, he really is not good for you. Don’t be misled by saccharine promises. Learn to psychoanalyze a bit. Don’t be afraid to conduct some sort of a background check even if he seems upfront and honest with you.

Do you feel the earth move under your feet? What I mean is, before you start floating to the stars giddy in love you need to make sure to remain grounded. Don’t be swept off by the giddy feeling all too suddenly and lose your senses. Taking things in stride will keep you safe from being hurt if the guy is not really what you expected him to be. Don’t allow yourself to be carried away into a fairytale romance. Be consciously cautious.

Never give in to peer pressure

If your friends learn about your online dating escapades and are telling you to single out somebody that you think doesn’t make the cut, you know, your standards, don’t be swayed by them. If they want that guy, they can have him, right? Remember to follow your intuition and don’t settle for someone that doesn’t make the cut.

Being too desperate over a relationship will only lead you to settle, make poor decisions and maybe even engage in risky behavior. Be careful not to go against that nagging but “healthy” advice of your instinct.

If all the while you’ve been aiming for that long-term relationship, here are few fool-proof tips on how to spot who’s NOT the man.

1. He’s overly unreliable. Promises to call you but he doesn’t. Doesn’t text within 2–3 days — he’s not into you.

2. He does not let you in his intimate circle of friends.

3. He never talks anything about your future together.

4. He never shows interest in you as a person.

4. He tires to rush you into bed.

With those in mind, and you armored with presence of mind and a cautious but not paranoid attitude, you’ll be well set off for the goodies of a great dating life and meeting Mr. Right.

Go get him swooning over you!



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