Don’t Become Another Victim of Anxiety! Turn your Fears Into Power

Adrian Quintina
4 min readNov 18, 2022


Have you ever experienced soul-crushing anxiety that grips you with paralyzing fear?

It doesn’t matter what continent you live in. It doesn’t matter how much money or how little money you have. It doesn’t matter whether you were born rich or poor. It doesn’t matter what you look like. Anxiety is a modern-day that grinds people down and it makes them feel worthless and powerless. It knows no boundaries.

The good news is that anxiety is essentially a reflection of our perception. Depending on your genetic makeup or genetic predisposition, it can be mostly environmental. In other words, what you choose to believe about your reality and who you are, what you’re capable of, and where you’re going plays a big role in how anxious you are. That’s how important beliefs are.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are too eager to abdicate this power. It’s too scary. It’s easier and comforting to believe that somehow, some way, we are either just born a certain way or we’re not. Either we’re born to be miserable or we’re not.

If we are miserable currently, it’s just because that we were born that way and it’s really tough luck. The best we can do is to just basically deal with our symptoms and try to make ourselves as comfortable as possible but there’s nothing fundamental, we can do to change our situation. The die is cast and our stars are fixed.

Believe it or not that kind of thinking sets a lot of people at ease. How come? It absolves them of the responsibility of taking ownership of their lives and doing something about it. It really is that simple.

If you believe that somehow, some way your life is already predestined or set in stone by people or forces beyond your control, you don’t have to do anything now. After all, it’s already done. It’s a done deal. What can you do? You’re too small. You’re too weak. You’re too powerless.

I know this sounds negative and it is. However, the problem is people draw comfort from this interestingly enough. They think that since all these are preset, then I don’t have to try, much less take responsibility and full ownership of my life.

That’s really what they’re running away from because it’s scary to take responsibility because when you take responsibility, you are saying to yourself, I may not have chosen the kind of life that I have but I am responsible for changing it to the life that I do want for myself.

This requires effort. This requires planning. This requires sacrifice. At the very least, it means going against the things that you have done before. You’re going to have to change.

People’s fear change. It’s hardwired into the human DNA. It’s part of the human condition and that’s why people would rather believe that things are unchangeable.

Make no mistake when you choose what you believe, you end up achieving a different kind of reality. How does this work? When you change your belief system, you change how you process the things that you pick up from reality. This then leads to different decisions.

For example, if you come across a beautiful Mercedes and your old thought patterns tell you, You’re too poor. You’re hopeless. You can’t afford that. There’s no way. You’re too stupid to earn that kind of money. So, you say to yourself, there’s no way I can afford that. The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer. This sucks! Life is unfair!

If you change your belief system and the next time you see a BMW, a Ferrari, or a Mercedes and you say to yourself, how can I afford that? In fact, if you have the right belief system, you give yourself a challenge. How can I afford that? You start to think that with enough focus, effort, and commitment, I can make something happen.

Which do you think leads to a better place? Which do you think leads to a dead-end? Make no mistake what you believe about yourself, who you are, where you’re going, what you’re about, that is what you will achieve and you’re going to have to live with the results.

Aspire to greatness and what your life change for the better!



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