Do You Want to be Prosperous?

Adrian Quintina
3 min readApr 8, 2022

If you want to prosper and move forward with unlocking your potential, you need to let go of the past.

Harboring bad feelings from the past will only keep you trapped in bad habits and even worse thoughts. In order to move forward and manifest your desires, you need to let go of everything in your past that has negatively impacted you.

This could be past relationships, past jobs, or past trauma. Sit down and think about what things you are holding onto from the past that keep you from moving forward. They might be hard to confront, but you need to face them head-on so you can let go.

If there is anyone you need to talk to you help you let go, consider having those hard situations to make it better for your future and the future of the other person. You will be surprised how much better you feel and how much quicker you prosper with your goals and potential.

This also means you need to let go of all the toxic things going on in your life. Some common things that can be toxic that you need to let go of so you can prosper include:

Old Habits

Many old habits might be holding you back, some that might not even be in the front of your brain. Some examples of old habits that could be holding you back might include smoking, reality television, sleeping too much, or eating something that’s not good for you.

You might not know how much something is holding you back until you get past it and move on. You can begin to try new things and see how the new habits make a positive impact on your life. You will soon be noticing yourself getting rid of the toxic things in your life and you will be finding new things that you love.


I think everyone knows how toxic relationships can be. I know personally how hard it can be to break off a relationship with someone who is toxic and thinking of I really loved them. Deciding that a relationship is toxic and moving on is one of the toughest things in life. However, it must be done if you want to uncover your full potential.

Allow yourself some of the hard conversations even though it could be difficult to get the words out. Make sure you have closure with the other person, or you might not be able to fully move on. Simply blocking them or refusing to respond to them might be the trick. If the relationship is abusive or they gaslight you, it could be a better idea not to sit down and talk to them. However, blocking them and refusing to contact them doesn’t work for everyone.

Some people cannot truly move on unless they sit with the other person and have a deep conversation about how they need to move on. If the relationship is abusive, consider bringing someone with you to talk to the other person who can make you feel safer.

Gaining More Wisdom and Understanding

If you want to let go, you will need to remove yourself from the negative and life-draining people in your life. Think of all the people in your life and try to think of the ones that make positive contributions and the ones that are affecting you negatively.

You can also choose to spend more time with people that are seeking to uncover their potential and trying to gain wisdom just like you are. This will encourage you to stay on track and it will also help you receive the advice you might need.

Overall, remember that trying to hold onto habits and bad relationships can cause you unnecessary suffering. While you’re suffering, you won’t be able to hold unlock your true potential and live a life of purpose.

Unfortunately, you will be stuck in one place until you acknowledge the things that are holding you back. Don’t allow that happen. Learn to let go and start living your best life today!



Adrian Quintina

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