Clean Your House, Accelerate Your Success!

Adrian Quintina
3 min readMar 18, 2022


Numerous studies have found that our surroundings have a powerful impact on our mental state. A messy, cluttered space literally leads to a disorganized, cluttered mind!

Several of these studies suggest that mess and clutter are also associated with behaviors such as lack of discipline, procrastination and poor productivity, qualities that are the antithesis of clarity.

Since we do most of our eating, sleeping, and living at home, a disorganized mind may be the result of a disorganized living space.

Give your house a thorough decluttering and watch your clarity blossom and soar. Here’s how to go about it simply and efficiently:

  • Go through your home room by room and thoroughly
  • Declutter and reorganize each room at a time.
  • Take your time so that you can declutter thoughtfully and thoroughly. It may take a few weeks depending on how much clutter you’ve accumulated.
  • Empty each room completely, including shelves cupboards and closets. Sort things you haven’t used in 6 months, duplicate items and broken clutter into three piles: one for throwing away, one for donating and the third for storage.
  • Give the room a good cleaning.
  • Reorganize the room if possible for a more streamlined, spacious look.

• Return the items you use regularly to the room and organize them neatly.

The final result should be a tidy, streamlined living space with plenty of open spaces, clear surfaces and a spare but inviting look.

Your tidy, decluttered home will be transformed into a haven of calm and tranquility. With less clutter to process, your brain will wind down and remain clear and sharp. Your mood will improve and you will feel happy and relaxed. Add to this the fact that things will be easier to find and cleaning will be loads faster, all of which means less stress and hassle.

Decluttering your home may require some time and effort but the results are well worth it — just take care not to let clutter start accumulating again!

Cool tip: If you spend long hours at your office as many of us do, consider decluttering your workspace as well. A minimalist workspace not only does wonders for clarity but speaks volumes about your professionalism and work ethic.

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