Attract Positive People Into Your Life

Adrian Quintina
3 min readOct 28, 2022


If you felt like there’s no way you could regain your confidence once more, it’s time to start looking into your relationships and check what kind of people you have surrounded yourself with.

Hold onto genuine friends and find new friends who want to adapt the same positive mindset that you want to have. Try to let go of people who bring you down with their negative attitude.

But how would you know who are the positive people and who aren’t?

Identifying Positive People

Positive people can be distinguished by these characteristics:

  • They have courage to follow their dreams.
  • They are compassionate towards others and themselves.
  • They are ready to open their heart to other people.
  • They know their negative characteristics and are willing to embrace

and accept them.

  • They learn from their mistakes. On the other hand, you might not want to be associated with people who have the following characteristics, if you want to maintain positivity in life:
  • They seem all too real about being positive and perfect all the time.
  • They beat themselves over mistakes and other shortcomings.
  • They do not pay that much attention to their well-being, which means

you cannot exactly expect them to look after yours.

  • They are dominated by their fear.
  • They do not acknowledge their dark side, but take it out on other


How To Boost Your Positive Signals

If you want to attract positive people, you have to release good vibes by following these steps:

Understand the best things about you and project them to others. Reflect on yourself and determine your finest qualities. It could be compassion, sensitivity, wit, and more. Share them to the world by speaking up and meeting people. Show those qualities actively and people will notice, especially those who share those very qualities with you.

  • Express love. Learn to appreciate all the things that you love in the world. It could be the blue skies, the never-ending horizon, the babble of innocent children, the taste of your mom’s cooking, and more. Love can attract positive people.
  • Meditate. Make a habit out of anything positive, but to let those habits out, you need to meditate. Do it regularly and focus on all the positive emotions that you feel during the process. Eventually, your vibes will turn positive too.
  • Be more aware of yourself. This is your greatest tool against fear and self-doubts. This will also stop you from being negative, so you can continue to reach out to positive people.

Remember that positivity begets positivity and it is an important element on your way to understanding yourself better and your transformation. This journey may not exactly be smooth, but you might be surprised just how tough you can be to weather even the roughest ride in life. Stay motivated by looking forward to all the opportunities that are in store for you once you complete your transformation.

You will be the one enjoying all the benefits of this change anyway, so it’s going to be worth it. However, you can’t make that change unless you stop doubting yourself and feel confident in your own skin.

As you are well on your way towards changing yourself for the better, even the smallest steps matter. Your transformation won’t be complete without each single step.

On that journey, expect to find people who think the way you do. As you befriend these people, it will create more positivity in your life and drive you even further to succeed.

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