Are You Losing Opportunities Because You Do This…Frequently?

Adrian Quintina
2 min readAug 5, 2022

When I became a business owner for the first time over ten years, one of my biggest challenges as a new entrepreneur was trying to find my footing and gain traction. I questioned every decision I made because of my inexperience. I would overthink everything that I did, slowly take action and then change my mind….frequently. Regularly changing my plans was a great way to feel like I was doing something without ever making any progress. It was ingenious way to sabotage all my efforts to build a business and with much patience and coaching, I was able to overcome my analysis paralysis.

Here is how I learned to make decisions and overcome insidious analysis paralysis:

  1. Realize how ineffective it is to change your mind constantly. It’s no different than starting in St. Louis, driving three hours toward Miami, then three hours toward New York City, and then three hours toward Dallas. Where do you end up? Not a place you planned to go, and not somewhere you want to be.
  2. Make a habit of following through. It’s easier to maintain bigger decisions if you maintain your smaller decisions. Follow through on your plans to meet your friends. Wash all of the dishes, even the crusty frying pan. Avoid leaving it until morning.
  3. Imagine a positive outcome. When you’re feeling bogged down, it’s because the present is uncomfortable. Turn your attention to the ideal outcome. The doubt and frustration you’re feeling will melt away.
  4. Stay grounded in the present. You can only change your mind if your mind starts to wander. Pay attention to today. Avoid looking ahead at all the work that lies in the future. Successfully manage each day as it comes.

I learned it It’s not necessary to make perfect decisions. This antagonized the perfectionist streak in me, but she needed to be banished anyway. No more perfection, only progression.

Many decisions can work out well if you stick with them. Persistence is an invaluable quality. Make your decisions and wisely follow through entirely. Most importantly, avoid changing your mind unnecessarily and avoid sabotaging yourself.

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